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The Polygon Single Set offers perfect trim and adjustment. The Extended Range diver will be facilitated in finding the trim required for technical diving.

The Polygon Single Backmount Set is available as a special edition and quantities are limited. The black, white and silver polygon pattern on the donut makes it unique and exclusive.

The Polygon Single Backmount Set is a complete set that includes everything a diver needs to enter the world of XR diving. This one-size-fits-all system allows for a perfect, customised fit thanks to its fully adjustable harness.

The Polygon system includes a 16-litre single tank donut, 6 mm aluminium D-rings, a standard harness, two tank straps with silver aluminium buckles and black flat head screws. This set also includes the new, longer inflator with metal buttons.

The Polygon Single Backmount Set weighs only 3.1 kg and is perfect for divers who like to travel.

The Polygon Single model offers something new in the XR equipment category and meets a growing demand for more colourful models in the world of technical diving.

The main features of the Polygon Single Backmount Set are:

• A 16 litre donut for a single tank
• A 3mm black aluminium back plate
• 6 mm silver aluminium D-rings
• A silver stainless steel waist strap buckle
• A standard harness strap
• An inflator control unit with metal buttons
• 2 cylinder straps with silver aluminium buckles
• Black flat head bolt screws
• Total weight: 3.1 kg
• A single tank set that includes everything you need to enter the world of XR diving
• One size fits all (fully adjustable harness)
• Perfect for travelling