Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620 Ti Diving Regulator System, DIN 300

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  • Smaller and lighter than the S600 but using the same-sized diaphragm, The S620 Ti delivers instant air on demand with Super inhalation sensitivity.
  • An air-balanced flow-through piston housed in a chrome-plated brass body provides constant airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.
  • Scubaproâ€s patented extended thermal insulating system insulates the inner mechanism, improving cold-water resistance without compromising breathing performance.
  • The regulator includes two opposing high-pressure ports that let you position the first stage up or down, along with four high-flow and one axial super-high-flow low-pressure ports.
  • Driven to constantly innovate and improve the diving experience, Scuba builds flawless equipment for the work, sport, and lifestyle of people whose passion is found below the surface.