SHERWOOD SCUBA Adult Super Powerful Open Heel Scuba Diving Fin: Triton Fin Pro for Divers - Regular

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  • Made of a similar TPU Compound as the Triton Fin, the Triton Pro has a modified compound that provide a stiffer blade and give the diver additional power and durability when compared to the Triton.
  • Proven three vent design between the foot pocket and blade provides additional thrust on the down kick and decrease drag on the up-kick or recovery
  • Triton Pro Fins are upgraded with state of the art 304 Stainless Steel Spring Straps with Extra Large Finger Grip for rugged reliable performance
  • Provides tremendous power with the standard flutter kick, but offers outstanding performance with Frog Kicking
  • Triton Fins are slightly bouyant. TPR material is positively bouyant and if you lose a fin it will come back to the surface.