TUSA M-1010S Zensee Pro Scuba Diving Mask Black

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About this item

  • UV 420 LENS TREATMENT: UV 420 Lens Treatment protects against harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light and its potential to damage the Retina. HEV light is not just present on sunny days, but overcast days as well. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your eyes against UV and HEV light in all weather conditions when diving.
  • ANTI-REFLECTIVE (A/R) LENS TREATMENT: TUSA’s Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment decreases internal and external reflected light. This reduction increases light transmission to 95% resulting in significantly enhanced color, clarity, contrast and better overall vision underwater.
  • CRYSTALVIEW OPTICAL GLASS: Provides superior clarity, color, and transmission of light over standard glass lenses. Up to 15% of available light can be lost with a standard glass lens due to impurities and reflectivity. TUSA’s CrystalView lenses transmit up to 95% of available light to the diver for clear crisp vision.
  • SWIFT BUCKLE 3D: TUSA has designed the perfect buckle and mask strap. The low profile buckle is slim and light weight. The easy adjustment buckle and strap is silent and effortless when making adjustments.
  • PANORAMIC VIEW: Incredibly extra wide field of view
  • FRAMELESS MASK: TUSA’s first frameless scuba diving mask. With the Zensee's frameless design, the silicone skirt molds directly to the lens. It's compact in size, lighter in weight, and incredibly comfortable.
  • Comes in an eco-friendly mask case